Lizard Island Field Guide (Lizard Island Field Guide)

About Lizard Island Field Guide

The data in this field guide has been compiled by the Australian Museum's Lizard Island Research Station. Special thanks go to Anne Hoggett for masterminding the project and managing the data collation process.
The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation supports the work of the Lizard Island Research Station, including development of this field guide. Tap our logo to join us.
The Ian Potter Foundation is a wonderful supporter of the Lizard Island Research Station in many ways, including provision of a special grant to develop the Lizard Island Field Guide.
Marianne Pearce was on staff at Lizard Island Research Station for 24 years up to 2012. She has helped to collate data that has developed into this Field Guide for many years and continues to assist with data entry.
The Lizard Island Field Guide has benefited substantially through input from Barbara Banks, a regular yachting visitor to the island. You will find many of Barbara's high-quality photos in the field guide, especially through the marine invertebrates section. Barbara has also provided technology support to the project, lending her own Android device to the development team to help iron out early hardware compatibility problems. This support has made a big difference and is hugely appreciated.
Thanks also go to Andy Lewis for his extensive photographic and information contributions to many of the species descriptions. Andy did much of the hard work assembling the first web-based version of this field guide and you will find his excellent identification photos throughout the species descriptions.
A series of interns at LIRS has worked long and hard at entering data into LIFG, including: Katia Nicolet, Julius Piercy, Genevieve Phillips, Maya Santangelo, and Tory Chase.
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