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Edit the description's bibliography

Animalia: species: Holothuria (Mertensiothuria) isuga

References that assist with identification

  • Byrne, M. (2019). Spawning observations of the sea cucumbers Stichopus chloronotus and Holothuria isuga from One Tree Reef lagoon, southern Great Barrier Reef. SPC Beche-de-Mer Information Bulletin, 42: 90-91. [

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  • Purcell, S.W., H. Gossuin and N.S. Agudo (2009). Status and management of the sea cucumber fishery of La Grande Terre, New Caledonia: Programme ZoNeCo. WorldFish Centre Studies and Reviews No, 1901. 183 pp. The WorldFish Centre, Penang, Malaysia.
  • Rowe, F.W.E. and J. Gates (1995). Echinodermata in: Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Vol. 33, xiii, 510 pp. Wells, A. (Ed.). CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia.

Other references

  • Samyn, Y. and C. Massin (2003). The holothurian subgenus Mertensiothuria (Aspidochirotida: Holothuriidae) revisited. Journal of Natural History, 37(20): 2487-2519. LIRS catalog number 90401.