species: Halophila capricorni in taxonomy (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Halophila capricorni
Kingdom Plantae
Division Tracheophyta
Class Magnoliopsida
Order Alismatales
Family Hydrocharitaceae
Genus Halophila
Species Halophila capricorni

Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features still need to be specified.


  • Size data has not been obtained.



Species described by Larkum (1995), only record from Lizard Island seems to be by McKenzie et al (1995). WORMS lists it as a dubious species, 18 Nov 2015.

by Anne Hoggett


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  • McKenzie, L.J., W.J. Lee Long and E.J. Bradshaw (1997). Distribution of seagrasses in the Lizard Island Group - a reconnaissance survey, October 1995, CRC Reef Research Centre, Technical Report, 14. LIRS catalog number 476.