species: Scorpaenopsis gibbosa in Lizard Island area: dubious records (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Scorpaenopsis gibbosa
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Scorpaeniformes
Family Scorpaenidae
Genus Scorpaenopsis
Species Scorpaenopsis gibbosa

Distinguishing features

Lassig recorded this species from the Lizard island area. It appears to be a misidentification. ALA has the accepted name for that species as Scorpaenopsis neglecta but it lists no records for most of the length of the GBR.


  • Size data has not been obtained.

Depth range

  • Depth range data is not yet available.


Web resources


  • Lassig, B.R. (1983). The effects of a cyclonic storm on coral reef assemblages, Environmental Biology of Fishes, 9(1): 55-63. LIRS catalog number 253.