species: Dendronephthya sp. 1 in Lizard Island Field Guide (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Dendronephthya sp. 1

©Andy Lewis: A colony Dendronephthya sp. 1 at North Reef Lizard Island.

©Andy Lewis: Colour variation in a colony of Dendronephthya sp. 1 from North Reef

©Andy Lewis: Colour variation in a colony of Dendronephthya sp. 1 from North Reef
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cnidaria
Class Octocorallia
Order Malacalcyonacea
Family Nephtheidae
Genus Dendronephthya
Species Dendronephthya sp. 1



Distinguishing features

All Dendronephthya species have a distinct stalked morphology. Polyps are found in small clusters on the upper branchlets, but not generally on the main stalk. Polyps are monomorphic and non-retractile. The colony is capable of changes in size, facilitated by water retention, and they are rough or prickly to the touch, due to the presence of numerous calcium carbonate sclerites embedded in the tissue.


  • Size data has not been obtained.



Distribution and habitat preferences

Walls along reef fronts below 5m with good water movement but limited stress from wave action.

Can be found in most reef habitats around Lizard Island.

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References that assist with identification

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Other references

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