species: Pseudobiceros flowersi in Lizard Island Field Guide (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Pseudobiceros flowersi

©Alexander Semenov: Pseudobiceros flowersi at Mermaid Cove, Lizard Island (AM W.44685)

©Anne Hoggett: Pseudobiceros flowersi in a shallow pool at low tide on the reef flat at Eyrie Reef near Lizard Island.

©Mike Bok: Pseudobiceros flowersi from Lizard Island.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Class Rhabditophora
Order Polycladida
Family Pseudocerotidae
Genus Pseudobiceros
Species Pseudobiceros flowersi



Distinguishing features

Green/brown ground colour with a thin white midline that is bordered with darker lines that may be diffuse. Three marginal bands: a broad dark one, then a narrower green/brown one, then a fine white band on the margin. Large specimens are very "frilly", smaller ones less so.


  • Up to 9 cm (Length)



©Atlas of Living Australia: Australian distribution

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References that assist with identification

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Other references

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