species: Palythoa tuberculosa in Lizard Island area: all known taxa (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Palythoa tuberculosa

©Anne Hoggett: Palythoa tuberculosa at Cobia Hole, Lizard Island.

©Anne Hoggett: Palythoa tuberculosa with polyps extended at night, Big Vicki's Reef, Lizard Island.

©Anne Hoggett: Palythoa tuberculosa with polyps withdrawn after disturbance, Big Vicki's Reef, Lizard Island.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cnidaria
Class Hexacorallia
Order Zoantharia
Family Sphenopidae
Genus Palythoa
Species Palythoa tuberculosa



Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features still need to be specified.


  • Size data has not been obtained.



©Atlas of Living Australia: Australian distribution

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