species: Unidentified holothuroid 2 in Lizard Island area: all known taxa (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Unidentified holothuroid 2

©Anne Hoggett: Unidentified holothuroid 2 about 5 mm long, found on sand in Lizard Island lagoon, about 4 metres deep and at least 5 metres away from reef edge.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Echinodermata
Class Holothuroidea
Species Unidentified holothuroid 2



Distinguishing features

Distinguishing features still need to be specified.


  • Up to 0.5 cm (Length)

Depth range

  • Depth range data is not yet available.



This tiny specimen may be a juvenile of a much larger common species. Its square cross-section, ventral mouth and tube feet limited to the ventral surface indicate Stichopus or Thelenota.

by Anne Hoggett


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