Help: adding inline links (Lizard Island Field Guide)

Help: adding inline links help

For some text, Lizard Island Field Guide supports inclusion of inline links between group descriptions. That text is identified by the type of field that it is entered in. If the text field for data entry is able to contain several lines of text and if it has a chain-link icon and an HTML icon at the top of the text field, then it's content is allowed to include links to the descriptions of other groups.

Inline links are simple to insert. Just select the text to be linked and click on the chain-link icon. That will bring up a dialog box with three fields in it:

  • The first field contains the text that will be linked to the other description.
  • The second field contains the text that you can use to search for the appropriate other description to link to.
  • The third field is a drop-down list of search results, naming the groups that match the given search criteria.

The search system examines the scientific and common names of all other groups in Lizard Island Field Guide. It uses the site-wide search system.

Once an appropriate other description has been selected using the drop-down list of options, simply click on the insert button to insert the link. The link is represented as an HTML span tag surrounding the linked text. The span tag has two attributes. One is a class attribute indicating that the linked text is a scientific species name or genus name or that it is some other kind of name. Species names and genus names are typically italicised and this class attribute helps with that distinction. The second attribute is more important. It is the title attribute and it is used to contain the unique identifier of the group that is being linked to. Lizard Island Field Guide uses that unique identifier when rendering pages that are supposed to include the inline links between group descriptions.

If you want to change an inline link, simply select the linked text and click on the chain-link icon again. That will allow you to alter the target group of the link.

If it all goes wrong, and it does that less often now than it used to, just click on the HTML icon at the top of the text field. That will bring up a text editor where you can directly edit the HTML content of the text field, manually deleting or fixing up span tags as required.

Note that other types of HTML markup is scanned for and the markup is generally deleted.