Record (Lizard Island Field Guide)

Record details

species: Porites spp (massive)
Observed by James Falter
Mon, 11 Apr 2016 17:51:02

Location details

  • Lizard Island, Queensland

  • Big Vicki's Reef

Details about the specimens

  • 2 specimens. (exact)
  • specimens alive when found.
  • specimens alive at end of the observation process.
  • specimens left in natural environment.
  • The record does not indicate whether reproduction was occurring.

Two large corals 15 metres apart were cored in 2013 (exact date not known) by James Falter UWA under permit to Malcolm McCulloch. The marked lat/long is the position of one of the corals. Holes are plugged with concrete. They did not stay at LIRS, were on a charter boat.