Record (Lizard Island Field Guide)

Record details

species: Stichodactyla gigantea
Observed by Anne Hoggett
Sun, 8 Mar 2015 17:00:00

Location details

  • Lizard Island Group, Qld

  • SW side of South Island on exposed reef flat

  • Marine specimens found at a depth between 0 m and 2 metres.

Details about the specimen

  • 1 specimen. (exact)
  • specimen alive at end of the observation process.
  • specimen left in natural environment.
  • The record does not indicate whether reproduction was occurring.

First record of this distinctive anemone and clownfish was in Jan 2014. Found them again in Mar 2015 just metres from where they had been. They had survived Cyclone Ita (April 2014) and were just about to meet Cyclone Nathan (11-13 march 2015).

Supporting photos