Record (Lizard Island Field Guide)

Record details

species: Polycirrus rubrointestinalis
Observed by Joao de Matos Nogueira
Wed, 14 Aug 2013 12:00:00

Location details

  • Lizard Island, Queensland

  • Reef front near Bird Islet, in coral rubble, site MI QLD 2342

  • Marine specimens found at a depth between 6 m and 6 metres.

Details about the specimens

  • 4 specimens. (exact)
  • specimens alive when found.
  • specimens dead at end of the observation process.
  • specimens removed from natural environment as a part of the record-taking process.
  • The record does not indicate whether reproduction was occurring.

Location determined from Sascha Semenov's file name of this image. Nogueira et al (2015) shoe this image and say the specimen has not been preserved. It is from the same site as a paratype and three other specimens.

Supporting photos