Record (Lizard Island Field Guide)

Record details

Charcoal Damsel (species: Pomacentrus brachialis)
Observed by Dani Ceccarelli
Mon, 12 Jan 2015 12:00:00

Location details

  • Lizard Island, Queensland

  • LIRS Site Group ID is 1084, Pidgin Point, Site E4

  • Marine specimens found at a depth between 3 m and 10 metres.

Details about the specimens

  • 10 specimens. (accurate to within 1)
  • specimens alive when found.
  • specimens alive at end of the observation process.
  • specimens left in natural environment.
  • The record does not indicate whether reproduction was occurring.

LIRS Projoct ID is 1184. Actual date is within 6 days of the record date; number is a round-figure estimate of the mean number per 50m transect ( x 1m wide for small site-attached species and x 5m wide for larger mobile species.)