Help: overview (Lizard Island Field Guide)

Help: overview


Lizard Island Field Guide assists with in-the-field determinations of what group an observed specimen belongs to. To support this function, it includes descriptions of the possible groups that the specimen might belong to. Each description is comprised of a set of characteristics of the group.

First time users should read the section on getting started to find quick ways of navigating Lizard Island Field Guide.

Inline help for the various features of Lizard Island Field Guide is provided by tooltips, and where necessary, links to help pages that address the specifics of those features. Such links to help pages are identified by the following question mark icon.

Lizard Island Field Guide is a work-in-progress. The species descriptions include references to relevant research. We are adding more species every year. We recommend just diving in and clicking around to get a sense of what is there and how it all works. If you are looking for a particular species and are not familiar with the search function, see the detailed instructions on how to use the search system.


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